“Capital One best use of Nessie API ” Winner @ Hack GT

A digital medium for tipping street performers, or buskers

You’re walking down the street, and you see a really cool street performance or busker (https://youtu.be/2fXZ1V0hlqg). Alas! You’re all out of cash or you don’t want to dig around your bags to find some change. At the end of the busker’s performance, they have to stay vigilant of their cash box and later deal with safety issues of having a (hopefully) relatively large amount of coins and cash.

Our concept, eBusker, prototype uses the Capital One API, Android NFC emulation, and a solid user experience for easily paying buskers by phone in a very similar way to the traditional way of things. When you’re in the vicinity of a street performer, you get a push notification that they’re connectable via eBusker. Instead of fumbling around for change, just keep looking at your phone (you probably already were) and type in the amount you want to tip. And similar to the satisfying dingor bap sound of a coin falling into a busker’s collection box, tapping your phone on the busker’s NFC-enabled device or Capital One ID beacon sticker yields that same sound, initiating a digital transfer instead of physical.

This is also a simple prototype for tap-to-pay technology for Capital One, as well as for a peer-to-peer marketplace prototype for mobile transactions.

Code is here: https://github.com/manasvil/eBusker Interactive UI prototype here: https://z3te3e.axshare.com/ (open on mobile)