This project is the culmination of exploring the role of technology in the future home.I conceptualized and prototyped a soft pillow interface that could be used to capture one’s late night thoughts.


Design Process

Initial Group Brainstorm 

This project was part of a design studio course at Georgia Tech (ID 8903 Exporing Interaction) and the for the first project the goal was for  the 7 of us in class to think of a technology in the home automation domain. We brainstormed by shouting out names of different entities and activities associated with the house using a 1 minute time limit on each. We then categorized this on a 4X4 graph.


We then  individually explored some concepts  focusing on the different things listed in the first diagram and using sources of inspiration listed in the second. We then presented  our ideas to each other and plotted them on a 4 by 4 matrix.

All the good ideas


From here on we individually picked concepts we liked best and decided to prototype them.

My idea development and the motivation behind it

The solitude that bedtime provides lends itself to some reflection and introspection. It is therefore no surprise that some of my best ideas come to me at night, when I am comfortably tucked in my bed.

At this point, I have three options before me(in decreasing order of cumbersomeness)-

  • To get up; rummage for  pen and paper; make note of my idea.
  • To unplug my charging phone, readjust my eyes to the screen, and then take note.
  • To make mental note of the idea and then forget about it the following day.

In light of this I wanted to explore a way to record my thoughts in a  less cumbersome manner.

Prototype Development

View Process book here