February 1, 2015 manasvil


Detour is a place discovery app that encourages commuters to take the long way home; slow down a little bit for a chat over coffee maybe, or even drop by a dance class to shake a leg.The key feature of Detour is that it lets you view places that fall enroute, between two locations eg. Work and Home.

Tools: UXPin and Balsamiq for Prototyping

Timeline: 2 weeks, November 2014

Mockup: When preparing Mockups for Detour, I used the Object Oriented UX process, even though I did not know the formal name at the time. I thought about the elements that would be important for the social network: People, Places etc. I also thought about ways in which the Content could be the navigation. It was only later when I attended a seminar by Sophia Voychehovski on Object-Oriented UX, that I learned the process had a formal name.

New mockup




Further Details:

An elaborate description of the app can be found here: Detour